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tainted_rove's Journal

Sham Marriages ^_^
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Welcome to the tainted_rove community. Yup. Now your all creeped.

What this list is is an opportunity for you to claim yourself a sham husband or wife ^_^

After you've claimed that first marriage, any extra claims that you earn through the community will become your 'concubines'.

Now isn't polygamy fun? ~wink~

1. Read over the claims
list and check the community to make sure your marriage choice isn't taken.
2. After someone is married or has been claimed, nobody else may claim that same person!!!
3. State your choice in the JOURNAL! Tell me what to file your claim under (actors, singers, anime?)ALSO TELL ME WHETHER YOUR CLAIM IS A MARRIAGE OR A CONCUBINE!!!!!!!!
4. ONE marriage per person. Contests from time to time will be held. And from time to time, Jade hands out new claims on a whim.. so check back often ^_^ Any of your new claims will be concubines ^_^
5. If you do not do 3, your request will be ignored.
6. No flames, no derogatory statements, no homophobes, none of all that mean stuff. One warning, then you're gone.
7. You can concubines by: a) introducing a friend into the club, and getting them to join or.. b) making a claim badge for someone else (making a badge for yourself DOES NOT COUNT.

idea: moogle_tey
icon created by: keneally

**extra fun**
Make a marriage certificate for you and your new sham husband/wife!!:

Obsessive personality? Yeah.. me too. Also a community devoted entirely to obsessions!! whore_names where you can claim anyone or anything!! You want it, you've got it!!